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Hi again, Dr. Lisa here. I am a self-proclaimed empath. I am not one for categories, because they tend to be hurtles in society. However, the term empath has helped me make sense of the world around me. 

I knew the term for years prior to identifying with it. I felt the term teaching statistics in front of 30 undergraduates. I connected with the term deeply after George Floyd's murder having to function as a psychologist and coach, but being stunned inside because of the pain inside of me and in the world.

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Our Foundation

They say we will change careers 10 times in our life. Well, I guess in my reality the 10 may be concurrently. Early in my career as a Licensed Psychologist, I decided it was time to expand beyond the world of mental health. Shortly after, Beyond Grand Coaching, LLC was born. The aspect I love about coaching is I am helping clients unlock a door that already existed inside of them. 

Beyond Grand Coaching, LLC core values are: 

Connection (Self & Community)

All about deeper real connections with you and your community around you.

Holistic Wellness

It is important that the choices we make are healthy, so they can be sustained. 

Personal & Professional Wealth (Knowledge & Money)

We all need resources, whether basic (food, water, shelter) or complex (information, exposure, monetary gain)

Beyond Grand Coaching, LLC aims to support our clients in all these areas of our core values. We believe this is the foundation for our lives.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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