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Beyond Grand Coaching, LLC 

Living A Life of Wellness

"You are a Super Woman"

You spent all your life playing by the rules and checking all the boxes. Your boss, family, and friends are impressed by you. You have it all together.


You are tired. Every day, you prepare for your day looking like a million bucks. Then you spend the entire day running around putting out fires. Once all that is done you still have to take care of home through cooking and cleaning. Finally, you try to take advantage of your limited wind-down time, before you sleep. The next day the cycle begins again.


You may hear thank you and receive compliments of your amazing ability to juggle so many hats. However, you secretly wonder about the consequences of your current actions. 

Life appears social media perfect to the outside world, but you know the picture intimately from the inside.



Ladies, yes, it is okay to work hard and play hard.


How often can you say that you reap the benefit in all that you do?

If your answer falls in the range of never to sometimes, then the question is, what do you want to do about it?

It is time to create a more balanced approach to life. 


You may find yourself asking, how can I accomplish this goal of being balanced and being successful?




It may be helpful to redefine balance, so you can take charge of your life. 

One of the best ways to accomplish any task is by utilizing a support system.

Yes, I know you are a super woman that can figure things out on your own. 

However, I know having someone in your corner will help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Coaching will provide the space for you to explore your priorities and obstacles in being intentional in your success. 

We can work together to identify the best way for you to incorporate balance in your life.


As you read this, what is holding you back from being fulfilled?




Hi, I am Lisa Battle-Gwathney, PhD.

I am familiar with the allure of being everything for everybody. I also understand the consequences. 

As a Transformation Coach and Mentor, I  support you as you lean into your personal vision of wellness.

Coaching will provide the opportunity for you to explore the way you can be fully present and fulfilled in your life.


This journey will be aligned with your goals and the results will be be developed based on your determined needs.

What part of you has connected with the idea of walking into your future of being intentionally fulfilled? 



"The best part of the session is its focus on how you can best show up for yourself. As a result of the session, my understanding of how to impact my professional identity became clearer. I left the session feeling really empowered and excited to continue the work. Working with Lisa was very empowering because it was focused on me. I left with a deeper relationship with myself and a tailor-made plan for how to work towards my goals. If someone is uncertain about starting coaching they should know the help is really safe and supportive. The session is about you and certainly worth jumping into." 

Connesia Handford, Psy.D.


Beyond Grand is about more than fame and fortune.

It is more than meeting the requirements society has for you.

It is more than the multiple roles you juggle. 


Beyond Grand is about you.

Creating a life of wellness for you right now.





Beyond Grand Coaching, LLC


Lisa Battle-Gwathney


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