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Helping empaths in the business of life 



Beyond Grand Coaching, LLC was created to support passionate Evolving Empaths & Empathetic people, including Mental Health Providers and Service-oriented Leaders, in defining the life they want to lead, so they can make an impact in their world.

The owner of Beyond Grand Coaching, LLC is Lisa Battle-Gwathney, Ph.D., PCC.


Hi ,   I'm Dr. Lisa

I am a Transformational Life & Business Coach Focused on Personal & Professional areas of life for Heart Led Individuals. My Certification is in Holistic Life, Career, & Executive Coach™, Mindfulness Instructor, & Enneagram Coach. 

I received my doctorate in counseling psychology and while practicing, I became inspired to coach. ​

As a coach, I live where you and the business of life meet.

"Working with Dr. Lisa was very empowering because it was focused on me."

Connesia Handford, Psy.D.


Dear Empaths, 

To Those Who Feel Deeply
Young Businesswomen

But often feel…

 unappreciated or unseen

At times may feel...

 misunderstood or a lack of safety


You may want to be your best self & live authentically...

 in life, career, and/or business

Let me help you identify barriers to   your success & assist you in   accomplishing it

So you can exist in the world, unapologetically.


And feel you do not have to compromise your values; such as self-respect, self-expression, & compassion in order to make an impact


Beyond Grand offers services to meet these goals to ensure that you are experiencing a fulfilling life. 

Interested in Getting a Clearer
Picture of Your Mindset?



Life & Business Coaching

Do you want to access your full potential?  Do You want to explore the areas that may be holding you back?

You can do it!


The coaching sessions offer support in this and more. 

Beyond Grand services are focused on helping you use your strengths as an empath. 

This is for you if....

_You have goals and ambitions for more

_You want to explore using your skills in a new way

_You are curious about stepping out of your usual

_You have a passion, you want to bring to life

_You are ready to invest in you!



Your path is full of obstacles.  However, I have been through similar experiences.  


You do not have to travel alone. 

I know with the support of my four step process you can make a powerful impact in your life. 


This is your time to feel nourished by the way you express yourself. 


Are you ready to take this journey?  



"The best part of the session is its focus on how you can best show up for yourself. As a result of the session, my understanding of how to impact my professional identity became clearer.
I left the session feeling really empowered and excited to continue the work. Working with Dr. Lisa was very empowering because it was focused on me. I left with a deeper relationship with myself and a tailor-made plan for how to work towards my goals.
If someone is uncertain about starting coaching they should know the help is really safe and supportive. The session is about you and certainly worth jumping into." ​

Connesia Handford, Psy.D.

"Dr. Lisa is a great coach and truly has a gift for helping people accomplish their goals in a way that allows you to dream big and take small steps to achieving that dream.

Before coaching, my calendar was filled with busy work all the time and I was trying to identify how these things were connected to my overall personal and professional goals. As a result of the sessions, my perspective shifted about time and what really matters in my life. After each session, I felt Lighter. Always Lighter.


My favorite part of the coaching sessions was that your questions were powerful and allowed me to dig deep. Also, your empathy to stay with me throughout the session. In addition, your gift for helping me clarify and get to the root of the concern/challenge.


Your approach is holistic and yet grounded in strategy and yielding results. You are patient, you have an amazing toolbox that allows you to work with different clients so there is no cookie cutter approach."

Jocelyn Tejeda, MS, CPSC, CCLC,  Innovation and Leadership Development, Coach

"Dr. Lisa is a very knowledgeable coach that is passionate about helping others be the best versions of themselves. I would highly recommend her as a coach.


Prior to our sessions, I had a lot of balls in the air and needed some direction. My favorite part of the coaching sessions were the insights that Dr. Lisa shared. They really cause me to slow down and think, which often leads to a breakthrough moment for me. After our sessions, I always feel energized and ready to take on the world.


As a result, I gained a lot of clarity and focus. If you are feeling uncertain regarding coaching, Dr. Lisa will help you feel comfortable. Just relax, trust her, and the process."

Jenneba Fofana,

District Senior Director, Executive Coach


Let's explore what you want and need.

Let's talk about the way to make that happen.


You are not in this alone.

It is nice to have a team when fear and doubt creep in. 


First comes the idea

then comes the magic.

This is your opportunity to step into your vision.


No one should be an island.

As bumps occur in the road, you know exactly where to find Beyond Grand.

© 2021 by Craeon, LLC

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