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Dr. Lisa Battle-Gwathney, Ph.D., PCC, the owner of Beyond Grand Coaching, LLC has a big smile. Dr. Lisa Battle-Gwathney is an African American woman. Dr. Lisa is wearing twist out hairstyle giving a crinkly/curly long afro effect. She has a diamond styled earring in her ear, showing in her left ear. She is wearing a dark purple wrap dress, with a tan color shirt underneathe. Dr. Lisa has a long gold chain that connects to an gold emblem with a time glass inside with purple sand. Her right arms is stretched out slightly from her body. Behind Dr. Lisa is a light gray, cinder block wall.

 The Space to Help You
Speak Your Truth! 



You feel silenced by those who refuse to listen.

Young Businesswomen sitting in front of silver laptops smiling. The woman on the left side has a plaited or twisted hairstyle that is shoulder length. She is wearing a long sleeve gold shirt. She is sitting in a tan chair. The woman on the right is sitting in a silver chair. She has her brown hair with highlights in a pinned up hairstyle with brown curls coming down both sides of her face. This woman is wearing black framed glasses. She has on a large hooped earring. She has on a black cardigan with white buttons, the cardigan is lightly rolled right below her elbows. On her right wrist, she is wearing a gold watch with a white face. She has on a gold and black zigzag pants on that are slightly showing. This woman is holding a red coffee mug in her right hand. Her left hand is holding a black pen on top of a red planner with colorful tabs. In the foreground on the white table is blurred out office supplies, one small green two potted plants, a teal wire shaped like a cactus.

You may be thinking…

"I know I have something to say. However, I feel nervous about saying it."

For example:

  • The doctor is not listening

  • Friends don't understand your feelings

  • Your client does not see your vision

It may even lead to a knot in your throat and feeling of being stagnant.


The days just tick by...

 without you sharing your important words.

Eventually others start to share exactly what you were thinking.


As a result, you feel a sense of hopelessness regarding being heard, seen, or known. 

Interested in Getting Your
Needs Met by Being Heard?


You can share with confidence.

Imagine waking up one morning…

You jump out of bed with excitement because you have something to say.

And your audience is leaning in to make sure to capture your brilliance.

For example:

  • You get the correct referral for your issue 

  • Your family is excited to hear your plans

  • The business colleagues loves your ideas

In that place...

You are only focused on the moment.

You are free of worries and/or shame. You have come to believe what is true.


Hi,   I'm Dr. Lisa

You are the one that gets to choose your path.

I am going to help you explore the elements blocking you from sharing your thoughts. 

We will determine how you can increase your comfort navigating the unknown, while remaining true to yourself.

As your insights arise you will explore challenging thoughts such as

starts at:

"I can't do this!"

"No one cares to hear me"

The goal is to move towards more uplifting thoughts such as

shift to:

"No one can share this the way that I do." 

"If I don't share, I am cheating others of my genius"

Exercises will be utilized to ensure you are able to fully see the picture you plan to have in the future.

For example:

  • Creating Positive Affirmation/Thoughts

  • Brainstorming

  • Picturing yourself, acting as if

Dr. Lisa Battle-Gwathney, Ph.D. PCC the owner of Beyond Grand Coaching, LLC has a big smile. Dr. Lisa Battle-Gwathney is an African American woman. She is wearing a shiny purple sleeveless top. The shirt has a silver decorative chain across the chest area of the shirt. Dr. Lisa is wearing twist out hairstyle giving a crinkly/curly long afro effect. She has a diamond styled earring in her ear. Behind Dr. Lisa is a red wood wall with a black counter top.

"Working with Dr. Lisa was very empowering because it was focused on me."

Connesia Handford, Psy.D.

professional certified coach, pcc badge. The outside is a blue blue circle with a triangle in the top left side. The inside is a white circle with a orange outline. At the top is blue writing ICF Credentials and Standards. Underneath is ICF, I and majority of the F are blue and the C is orange to yellow completing the bottom line of the F. Next in large letters is PCC the color of the letters moves from orange to yellow.  Underneath in blue is Professional Certified Coach. Finally, at the bottom orange and yellow curved lines
The eCornell Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate badge. 

There is a red square with a triangle sticking out the bottom. On top of the red square is a white square with two red circles. Inside the most inner circle is a red shield. At the top of the shield is two red smaller shields one with a straight light in it and the other with a triangle in it. The bottom of the shield has red line going across the center of the shield and down the center of the shield with a red rectangle inside with three red lines on each side of the rectangle. The outer circle in red states Cornell University at the top, and at the bottom Founded A.D. 1865. At the bottom of the square over the triangle are two darker red lines with trapezoids sticking out both side demonstrating a ribbon. The words are white, the top line has eCornell | Bank of America and the bottom line has Women's Entrepreneurship in upper case letters.
Your Enneagram Certified Coach Badge. 

The outside is is a light blue circle with waves all around it. Inside is a darker blue circle with white words Your Enneagram Coach Certification Network written in white and capital letters. Inside is a white circle with a bunch of overlapping lines providing mainly triangle shapes and the a variety of circle with colors at the end of the lines (yellow, orange, red, brown, purple, dark blue, bluish green, dark green, and light green) with a gray letter E in the inside of the lines. On top of the bottom of the circle is a yellow rectangle with trapezoids sticking out, given off the idea of a ribbon. on top of the rectangle is a star shape, the words Certified in capital letters and another star shape all in blue.
#I am Remarkable Facilitator Badge.

A dark blue circle. On the top in gold and capital letters is the word Certified. In the center in gold is # I am in capital letters. Underneath in cursive is the word Remarkable. Underneath these words is a circle 2022 and another circle in gold. Finally, at the bottom in all capital letters and gold is Facilitator.


Online Coaching for Mindfully Expressing
Mindful Relationship & Mindset Coaching Of Diverse Women & Helpers

Do you want those who you care about to hear you?  Do You want to explore the areas that may be holding you back?

You can do it!


The coaching sessions offer support in this and more. 

Beyond Grand services are focused on helping you use your untapped strengths. 

This is for you if....

_You have something you need to say

_You may be seen as a people pleaser

_You want to explore sharing in a new way

_You want to step out of your comfort zone

_You may feel unseen or unappreciated

_You have a passion, you want to bring to life

_You are ready to invest in you!




Your path is full of obstacles.  


However, You do not have to travel alone. 

I know with the support of my 3 As process you can make a powerful impact in your relationships. 


This is your time to feel nourished by the way you express yourself. 


Are you ready to take this journey?  

Dr. Lisa Battle-Gwathney, Ph.D., PCC is an African-American woman, sitting outside on a sunny day. Dr. Lisa is sitting on a stone table, with her feet resting on a gray textured lounge chair. Dr. Lisa's left shoulder is just under her smiling face. Her right arm is crossing over her body with the palm of right her hand placed on the table. Dr. Lisa is wearing a twist out, which leads to her hair looking like a long crinkly/curly afro. She is wearing a diamond style earring. Dr. Lisa is wearing a shiny sleeveless purple shirt with a silver designer chain on the shirt across the chest area. She has dark blue jeans on and brown sandals with crisscross straps.

Of Online Coaching with Dr. Lisa Battle-Gwathney, Ph.D.

"The best part of the session is its focus on how you can best show up for yourself. As a result of the session, my understanding of how to impact my professional identity became clearer.
I left the session feeling really empowered and excited to continue the work. Working with Dr. Lisa was very empowering because it was focused on me. I left with a deeper relationship with myself and a tailor-made plan for how to work towards my goals.
If someone is uncertain about starting coaching they should know the help is really safe and supportive. The session is about you and certainly worth jumping into." ​

Connesia Handford, Psy.D.

"Dr. Lisa is a great coach and truly has a gift for helping people accomplish their goals in a way that allows you to dream big and take small steps to achieving that dream.

Before coaching, my calendar was filled with busy work all the time and I was trying to identify how these things were connected to my overall personal and professional goals. As a result of the sessions, my perspective shifted about time and what really matters in my life. After each session, I felt Lighter. Always Lighter.


My favorite part of the coaching sessions was that your questions were powerful and allowed me to dig deep. Also, your empathy to stay with me throughout the session. In addition, your gift for helping me clarify and get to the root of the concern/challenge.


Your approach is holistic and yet grounded in strategy and yielding results. You are patient, you have an amazing toolbox that allows you to work with different clients so there is no cookie cutter approach."

Jocelyn Tejeda, MS, CPSC, CCLC,  Innovation and Leadership Development, Coach

"Dr. Lisa is a very knowledgeable coach that is passionate about helping others be the best versions of themselves. I would highly recommend her as a coach.


Prior to our sessions, I had a lot of balls in the air and needed some direction. My favorite part of the coaching sessions were the insights that Dr. Lisa shared. They really cause me to slow down and think, which often leads to a breakthrough moment for me. After our sessions, I always feel energized and ready to take on the world.


As a result, I gained a lot of clarity and focus. If you are feeling uncertain regarding coaching, Dr. Lisa will help you feel comfortable. Just relax, trust her, and the process."

Jenneba Fofana,

District Senior Director, Executive Coach

Beyond Grand Coaching, LLC Contact Information

4235 Hillsboro Pike

Nashville, TN 37215

(615) 852-5537

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Let's explore what you want and need.

Let's talk about the way to make that happen.


You are not in this alone.

It is nice to have a team when fear and doubt creep in. 


First comes the idea

then comes the magic.

This is your opportunity to step into your vision.


No one should be an island.

As bumps occur in the road, you know exactly where to find Me.

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