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I am hear to help you feel excited about life again!

Current times available:

All session times will occur on Monday to Wednesday

Stressed Woman

A Mindful Breakthrough Session

This is a 50-min session allowing clients to share about the vision they have for their life & wellness. This session can focus on aspects related to mindset, wellness, work, business and/or life.

You will leave the session with a clear perspective of your next steps.

If we decide to continue a coaching relationship, the sessions are typically biweekly for a defined number of months.

Expressive Art Workshops

Individual or Group workshops that allow clients to use creativity to mindfully express themselves. These workshops will help clients unlock unanswered questions. These sessions will provide a foundation for the client to flourish.

Workshops are from 3 hours to multiple days.

Artist Painting in Studio
Boho Wedding Couple
Boho Wedding Couple

More Options

Beyond Grand Coaching provides additional packages and services. 

Additional services:

trainings, speaking, and empathy circles. 

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